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Genre Hip hop
City Bulawayo
WEB www.zimbomusic.com



Stage Name: Tsolomaan

Full Name: Clemence Dube     D.O.B:23-08-85    P.O.B: Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Title: Skhanda rapper, composer, songwriter, entrepreneur, Vocalist and Huzzu General.

Studios: Face the Music, Gakietsi studios (Botswana), Huzzutainment, Magic Studios and Zimbo Music Studio.

Academics: Cyrene Boys High, B.E.S College, Baviaanspoort Medium Centre (School of new beginning)

Clemence AKA Tsolomaan was born and bred in the City of Kings (Bulawayo) in a ghetto called Tshabalala. Well music has been in the Guy since a tender age when he was part of the choir at Primary level. At that stage he was already in love with Kwaito which was DiGong by then and also liked listening to Rap music as well. He later adopted interest in writing songs at the age of 17 were he did it for fun just to go along with what most of the youths did (i.e. write lyrics and sing them to each other). Down the lane got his first appearance in a Real studio as a backup vocalist for Friend Methembe AKA Shabbz who is the producer behind the music of the famous SaMazaza. After that he got into serious writing and just hoped that studio was now his next stop. Though all the way he encountered hardships like any other artist, nothing came on a silver platter.

He really wanted to record his own projects but finance was a hustle and he had to pinch some money from his school fees and do what he loved the most. Due to hardships in Zimbabwe he decided to relocate to SA and stay there and this is where he actually says part of Tsolomaan was groomed. He went to a correctional centre called Baviaanspoort were he later realised that being an artist needed composure, discipline and focus.

After many of life’s lessons and struggles at the correctional centre the Huzzu trend was brought up to an extent that he did one of his hits at the moment Skhathi samaHuzzu at Magic studio AKA the hit factory and Romeo n Juliet. He went on to form a group called Huzzu Gang which is yet to take the music industry by surprise.

Currently Tsolomaan was discovered by the man himself Makhosini Mpofu AKA Mack in 2015 Cofounder and CEO of Zimbo Music.

Email: clemence_3@live.com                                                                    

Email: zimbomusicmail@gmail.com

Facebook: Tsolomaan and Huzzu Gang                                                 

Twitter: @tsolomaan                    


Cell: +263 772 962 319                                                                                    

Youtube: Zimbo Music                                                                   

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