Single Review – ‘Mwenje – Savage’

Savage delivers a Shona/English love song, ‘Mwenje’. In the song, Savage speaks of his love for his girl, displaying his versatility by fusing Shona and English to a mellow instrumental and sample that will pull at you heart strings. Arguably one of the top emcees in the country at the moment, Savage’s lyrical content and versatility displays his development and maturity as a rapper. ‘Mwenje’ is one of those songs that will have you slow dancing with the love of your life. A great piece that showcases the growth of Zim hip hop, good enough for the international stage too. A must have love song. 
Score 7/10

Single Review – ‘Too Lit (Emtee) – Vinnie King’

Dancer and professional choreographer-turned-trapster, Vinnie King’s new Single Too Lit (emtee) produced by Amillionbeats is a laid back Trap-hop song, with heavy undertones reminiscent of SA hip hop. Though his message is almost a mirror version of most ‘trapsters’ idea of the grand hustle out there nowadays, he speaks uniquely of his rise from the streets of Mzilikazi to where he is today and reminds his audience that he is on his, ‘emtee’ and he is going to stay true to his ‘emtee’ and that is why he is Too Lit. The instrumental is heavy and mellow and true to trap, giving the song an almost international feel and vibe. Vinnie King delivers a resounding message as to why and how he is Too Lit, reminding ‘haters’ why they hate him, for grinding his way out of the ‘ghetto’ where he grew up and making great strides in amassing a ‘following’ and ladies why they love him. The song is laced with a soulful hook that will have u singing along in no time. It is another great trap song that will have u wanting to get your hustle on and keep on your ‘emtee’. Overall, a great instrumental with a great title and Vinnie King is definitely a trapster to look out for. 

Review Score: 6/10

Zim Hip Hop Awards Nominees

Zim Hip Hop Awards Nominees
Best Male
•Mc Chita             
•Tehn  Diamond                      
•Myk Pimp
Zim Hip Hop Awards Nominees Best Female
•Trae Yung               
•Kikky Bad Ass           
•Kara (Jecha Koso)     
•Misa Ckays                     
•Whitney Cash             
•Natasha Muz
Zim Hip Hop Awards Norminees
Best Collaboration
• Tehn Ft Thaiwanda - No Stress 
•Poy Ft Splits Loui - Get Out The Way
•Mr Kata – Zunguza Remix
•Myk Pimp Ft Jnr Brown Trk - Get Mine 
•Tulk Munny Ft Sinbad Take Fizzo  Female Bhuru Paranoia
•Mc Chita – Uptown Tsotsi
Zim Hip Hop Awards Nominees 2017
4. Best Hip-Hop Group
•Kaygee 40 & shugeta
•Dollar Sign Music
•Mula Nation 
•Few Kings
•The Mafia
Zim Hip Hop Awards Nominees 2017
5. Best Producer 
•Take Fizzo
•Dj Krimz Beatz
•Mclyne Beats
Zim Hip Hop Awards Nominees 2017
 6. Best New Comer
•Floppy X
•P Mula
•Tulk Munny
•Marcus Mafia
•R Peels
Zim Hip Hop Awards Nominees 2017 
7. Best Local Brand Supporting Local Hip-Hop
•Hip Hop 263 - Naboth Rizzla
•Team Big Family 
•Zvanhuwa Fashion Collection
Zim Hip Hop Awards Nominees 2017
8. Best Album 
•Poy – Short Cuts To Heaven
•Stunner – Stray Bullet
•Tulk Munny - Chepa Jecha
•Noble Styles – Better Than Your Album
•R Peels - Zviri Eva Beautiful
•Few Kings – Feeling Aint Fear
Zim Hip Hop Awards Nominees 2017
Best Promoter 
•Naboth Rizzla
•Boss Chenge
Zim Hip Hop Awards Nominees 2017
Best Diaspora 
•Rich Forbes
•Gt Beats
Zim Hip Hop Awards Nominees 2017
Best Club DJ
•Tk beatz
•Dj Krimz Beatz 
•Dj Srew
•Dj Kead Wikead
Zim Hip Hop Awards Nominees 2017
Best Gospel Act
•Kaygee40 & shugeta
•J Soldier
•Lil Megaz
Zim Hip Hop Awards Nominees 2017 
Best Dance Crew
•Super Geeks
•Mega Tronz Empire
Zim Hip Hop Awards Nominees 2017
Best Underground
•Four Beat Fam
•H Files 
•Dakid Verse
•Indigo Saint
Zim Hip Hop Awards Nominees 2017
Best  Media – ONLINE
•Keep It Real Fridays 
•Ritchers Blog
•Lounge 263
•The Zim Tainment
Zim Hip Hop Awards Nominees 2016
Best media – T.V
•Onvi Tv
•Naboth Rizzla Hip Hop 263
Zim Hip Hop Awards Nominees 2017
Best media  –JOURNALIST
•Masimba Biyasi (dakid Verse) Zim Rap Cities
•Tanaka Musanhi - Zim Rap Cities
•Bongani Ndlovhu - Chronicle
•Kennedy Navaya - Standard
•Tariro Zinyemba - Hmetro
Zim Hip Hop Awards Nominees 2017
Best Alternative 
•Hubby  Blakes
•Simba Tagz
•Coco Master
Zim Hip Hop Awards Nominees 2017
Song Of The Year
•Guluva 7 - Ngena Ka1
•Tehn Diamond  - No Stress
•Mc Chita - Uptown tLTsotsi
•Briss mbada –  King Solomon.
•Muse -100 bars
•Tulk Munny – Tsika Jive
Zim Hip Hop Awards Nominees 2017
Video Of The Year 
•T1nda - Majarakara
•Takura - Kamushekero
•Poy - Higher
•Tehn Diamond - No Stress
•Mudiwa – Slaying
•Marcques - Manga Muripi
Zim Hip Hop Awards Nominees 2017 
Best Hip Hop Hustle.
•Naboth Rizzla
•Clyde Banks
•Dj Towers
•Mr Kata
Zim Hip Hop Awards 
Best Hip Hop Verse
•Guluva  - Ngena Ka1 Verse 1
•Sharky - No No No  By DexterBaysiq Verse 3
•Briss Mbada - Gaya  By Marques Mafia  Verse 3
•Jnr Brown - Boys Dzetonaz By Kikky Verse
•Mc Chita - Uptown Tsotsi  Verse 1
•Gze  - Chamunorwa   Verse  1
Zim Hip Hop Awards Nominees 2017
 Best Radio DJ
•Pd & Lady K  
•Emmitty Smooth
•Lampy & Kritic
•Thorne La Roq
Zim Hip Hop Awards Nomineee 2017
Peoples Choice
•Jnr Vrown
•DJ Towers 
•Floppy X
•Kikky Bad Ass
Zim Hip Hop To Held On 9th In Bulawayo

Single Review – ‘100 Bars – M.U.S.E.

Metro Urban Sophisticated Entertainer aka M.U.S.E’s latest offering ‘100 Bars’ is a scintillating tapestry of true Rap/hip hop at its best. Backed by a hard-core instrumental reminiscent of Wu-tang Clan and a dynamic similar to Emcees that brought underground rap to the fore such as Nas and Q-Tip, M.U.S.E delivers a mind-blowing song that will have any die hard rap/hip hop fan bouncing and nodding their heads. ‘100 Bars’ takes you on a lyrical journey back to the 90s when rap ruled and lyrics mattered. When music was about the message and not the image, when it was relevant to the average man on the street. He speaks of the hip hop industry in his beloved town Bulawayo, how disappointing it is that most ‘Hip hoppers’ nowadays seem to just conform and follow one style (trap), their lack of imagination, creativity and originality makes them mere puppets in the game. He speaks of the fake images they portray, their weak ambitions of acquiring ‘groupies’ and how their music is simply irrelevant to our setting. He definitely sets his mark as one of the best Emcees to hail from the City of Kings and arguably Zimbabwe. The lyrical content, tone, dynamic and instrumental all come together like a chart breaking song from the Bronx, New York. This is definitely one for those true to ‘real’ rap/hip hop. M.U.S.E is set to release his second album this year and one can only hold their breath in anticipation. 

Review Score: 8/10

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