Senkos Big Announcement!


Watch this space! We will be announcing some new news about The Silent Assassin Senko!

Is Red for passion or danger? I don't know Ill let you decide!



A new spot opened up the city of kings recently. It is called Red Cafe and I am sure at one point in time we all have walked past or driven past the place with its bright red walls and bright lights. Red Cafe is located around the corner from Club 263 near the Ramjis Complex. The opening of Red cafe is most welcome and I strongly believe variety is the spice of life and the more the merrier but I am worried whether Bulawayo will be able to sustain all these businesses and clubs. The BYO crowd are very fickle, picky and iffy at times. You throw an event and expect them to come in their numbers and they don't or you end up attracting the wring crowd ie the loud noisy rowdy type which in turn chases away your target market or the few good patrons who decided to grace your club with their presence.


Red cafe is located in a fairly decent area, there is decent parking and the area is central to town but the area is knows as a red light district area. That is the ladies of the night can be seen plying their trade out in the open and selling their wares and for some patrons such ares are a no go area. For instance lest suppose you have foreign delegates or visitors out of town and you decide to take them to Red cafe some of them may not like what they see. Worse they may get caught up in the crossfire and find themselves being rounded up with the ladies of the night (God Forbid) but I think you get my point.

An Icon Rebrands!


Bulawayo Night life will never be the same. The restaurant and club called Horizon closed down a few weeks back under the pretext that they were renovating the place. Ask anyone who has lived or spent time in Bulawayo, Horizon had built a name and reputation for itself and it had become the "it" place if you wanted to party, meet people,  throw an event or bash or launch a product.  I did my fair share of partying at Horizon. Some the events that stood out for me which were held at this iconic place include the Zim Hip Hop Awards Party,  Zimbo Music Cipher plus numerous Pageants.


Horizon seems to be under new management and the place has re branded into "The Vista". It remains to be seen whether it will be as popular as Horizon was and whether it will garner support and be able to pull in crowds. The Vista (still trying to get used to the name) is located on the RG Floor of Pioneer House in the CBD area of town which is very ideal and it boasts of ample parking and it offers some really great views of the city of kings especially at night. It has rebranded into a Pub and Grill and I definitely intend to pop in one these weekends and order an tray and a few drinks. There menu seems impressive and they will also be offering different forms of entertainment. ( I wonder what exactly) Well whatever the case is the City of Kings will never the same again. 

Hip Hop and Fashion equals FashionExpression

Definitely Hip Hop and fashion go hand in hand. A lot of brands use new and upcoming artists to market their products and penetrate the market. As with most things nothing last forever, "okungapheli kutyahlola" (loosely translatedmeaning “every situation, will have closure or end, because that which does not remains questionable) and such is the case with the Crew Upperklass. It has been confirmed that the cliq of youngsters has decided to call it quits and part ways and a few members of Upperklass have come together to form a new posse called FashionExpression 2k18. Well Im not sure about the 2k18 part but yes the boys who gave us shagga mandela and the guys who sparked the shagga movement have decided to hang up their boots and pursue solos careers and try different things.


When quizzed why they broke up they never gave plausible answer or explanation but in most cases its creative differences or egos. Nonetheless we will keep digging and try to find an answer and true cause of the split. Well whatever the case we wish the youngster all the best and hopefully they will keep on making good music and pushing boundaries as they find themselves, explore their art and express themselves. 

Why Skyz Metro kanti why!

Can anyone from Skyzmetro explain why there is no Best HipHop in this list.Byo is known the world over to be the home of HipHop in Zim,how could that one station we thought was a saviour of Byo music disregard this fact?

The biggest chart show is the rap chart show(Rapperholix) which grosses thousands of votes every week even if you put it on the grave shift,what is skyzmetro saying about those thousands of people who support local HipHop as shown by the Rapperholix Top 20 & who sleep late every thursday to hear their favourate rap songs and artists?

More than half of the saturday Skyzmetro top 20 is Byo HipHop music,they say numbers never lie,do they not make sense to you?

There are thousands of rappers in this city and they work the hardest on whatsapp and all social media platforms to get people to listen to skyzmetro fm so they hear or vote for their music,are their efforts not worth your attention?

Right now i feel used coz every week im asking all my fans to tune into this station and im not the only Byo HipHopper who feels betrayed for we make sure thousands of people tune in and vote every week only to be ignored like the HipHop we making is of no effect.

At the Umcimbi wabantu show,did you see the reaction rappers in your top 20 got from the people,do those cheers and sing alongs thousands were doing mean nothing to you.

Is it the Djays who came up with the categories or the old men who sit at the Skyzmetro board who are to stuck in the 80s to aknowledge the HipHop genre and the massive impact its had on this generation and society.

HipHop deserves its own category in the Skyzmetro awards.Copy and paste this message on all platforms untill they aknowledge that the new school is here.Byo HipHop is alive.

Maestro IV