Vinnie King Drops The Full Package

Saturday the 4th of November 2017 saw the high anticipated listening session of ZimboMusic recording artist Vinnie King aka Ricco at the Public Library. The Vibe as it was dubbed was a gathering of like Hip Hops minds as they converged to listen to Ricco's new offering
Due to a number of technical problems the event didn't start as scheduled but once it did the performances and vibe was electric. Ricco kicked off the show with 'Rudo Rwechokwadi , a super ballad featuring Ashleigh Love
Vinnie went on to perform a number of his hits from his upcoming album. From the sound of it #Thefullpackage will be explosive and definitely one to look out for this summer. Some of the acts that starred the event are Mr High Definition himself,@ T1NDA, Mulla, R.apeezy, K.G, ilduce Dynasty nd Team sidex. The Album has a great names behind its invention, and these include, Ilduce dynasty ( engineering ), Murphy Cubique, Amillion beats and Sosique ( on the beats ), Icon also known as Victor Madzura ( Antivirus ) also helped in producing one of the tracks.. The music is based around God, love and philanthropy. The Album will be hitting the streets soon so be on the lookout for it as the odds stand ready for it to change the game.

Emtee Mix Up

This past weekend further proved that wrong side of power of Social Media when popular South African rapper Emtee was trending on all formats of social media after he allegedly flashed his manhood by mistake on his Instagram Live Story.The Roll Up rapper was in the men's room urinating at the time. 
However, according to TshisaLIVE he has apologised for the video claiming that it was a mistake. He said he didn't intentionally expose himself and it was an honest mistake. Mistake or not the incident has lead to an avalanche of posts,tweets and retweets and memes poking and ridiculing Emtee. With tongue in cheek references of his mega hit song Roll Up and his manhood. Many people have even question his choice of a Live Story as many asked why his camera would be "rolling " while he was relieving himself. This type of reaction from the many social media platforms is now the norm as it now further prove that we live in a glass bowl society where if not personally controlled one can live or die by Social Media.

Senko Takes His Act on the Road and Heads to Gwanda

Make a date with me my Gwanda friends and fans at BBQ club 4th of Nov

Check out todays paper *The Chronicle*…/


Byo Zimdancehall crew
heads to Gwanda
November 1, 2017 Entertainment
Showbiz Correspondent
UP-and-coming Zimdancehall artistes, Senko Assassin
and Wanguda (DJ Tawaz), are set to invade Gwanda
town this Saturday for a show dubbed Colouring Life at
BBQ Gardens.
The underrated Senko, who chants in his native
isiNdebele tongue, will sample tracks from his upcoming
yet to be named album for the Gwanda crowd, while
Wanguda will also do the same for Zimdancehall music
DJs Warren and T Money will be on the decks with
unheralded dancer Cookie expected to add some
sparkle to the line up.
DJ Nash aka Mr Abra, who manages the two artistes,
said he was taking the Bulawayo Zimdancehall artistes
to Gwanda to debunk the myth that Zimdancehall
artistes are only confined to Harare.
“I want people from different parts of the country to
be exposed to Zimdancehall music from Bulawayo.
Senko is very talented and has been in the game for
some time now as well as Wanguda, a versatile artiste,”
said DJ Nash.
He said patrons will have a night to remember.
“It’s going to be an epic night with two of Bulawayo’s
dancehall gurus. During the night, we’ll introduce
Cookie, our new dancer. Both artistes are launching
their albums soon so the crowd will sample their new
Wanguda, better known as DJ Tawaz from Stop Over bar
and Private Lounge where he deejayed, is famous for
his 2014 track Passa Passa dance. Senko on the other
hand is a product of the Amakhosi Cultural Centre
talent search programme, Dreams to Fame.
DJ Nash said the show had been dubbed Colouring Life:
“It goes back to the title of Wanguda’s album Who Am
I which is a reflection of his music journey which
started off hard but now things are taking shape so
it’s more than colourful hence Colouring Life,” he said.


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Hip Hop-full weekend 

This past Saturday the 28th of October 2017 saw two major hip hop events held in Bulawayo. The first of which was The Pass Me The Mic Tour held at BAC (Bulawayo Athletics Club) and The Zimbabwe Hip Hop Awards Pre-launch party that was geld at a popular niteclub,Club Connect. 
The Pass Me The Mic Tour which was scheduled to kick off at in around 19.00 had a few delays due to a few technical issues. However when it did start it saw some very good local acts, such Tasha G, Mc Troy, Billail to mention a few. With some stand out performances from........who did a superb performance in in full theatrical gear. Another  super act was Metro Urban Sophisticated Entertainer more affectionately know as, M.U.S.E.
The current number one on the Skyz Metro FMs RapperHolix Lounge hip hop show certainly justified to his fans and critics alike why he has held on to that spot for the last five weeks.
His performance news top notch as he was able to engage the crowd and was his own hype man. Getting the true hip hops heads involved from the onset of his performance. 
He sang the hit singles from his debut album 'The Artist', Envious Freniemies and Birds Eye View. The crowd erupted in excitement they chanted 'Birds Eye View, Birds Eye View!'.
The highlight was when he ended his set and went hard with his current number one 100 BARS. M.U.S.E. ended his set in pure hip hop fashion by dropping the mic and just walking off the stage. 
At the Zim Hip Hop Awards, M.U.S.E. again shocked those in attendance as he actually stopped his back track and finished off his set accapella! 
Being that he was the surprise guest performer of the night, M.U.S.E. had the pleasure of opening the festivities, followed by T1NDA and lastly POY. Both performance show the MuSE has grown both as a performer and rapper and if he continues to work at his craft can definitely take Bulawayo Hip Hop to the next level.

Bathi Sleekstar Handei


Zimbo Music , HMT & @5starentzw presents
Artist - *SIDNEY* 
Producer - *WILLIE GATES*
Instrumental - *Hwange Music Team*
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