Definitely Hip Hop and fashion go hand in hand. A lot of brands use new and upcoming artists to market their products and penetrate the market. As with most things nothing last forever, "okungapheli kutyahlola" (loosely translatedmeaning “every situation, will have closure or end, because that which does not remains questionable) and such is the case with the Crew Upperklass. It has been confirmed that the cliq of youngsters has decided to call it quits and part ways and a few members of Upperklass have come together to form a new posse called FashionExpression 2k18. Well Im not sure about the 2k18 part but yes the boys who gave us shagga mandela and the guys who sparked the shagga movement have decided to hang up their boots and pursue solos careers and try different things.


When quizzed why they broke up they never gave plausible answer or explanation but in most cases its creative differences or egos. Nonetheless we will keep digging and try to find an answer and true cause of the split. Well whatever the case we wish the youngster all the best and hopefully they will keep on making good music and pushing boundaries as they find themselves, explore their art and express themselves.