A new spot opened up the city of kings recently. It is called Red Cafe and I am sure at one point in time we all have walked past or driven past the place with its bright red walls and bright lights. Red Cafe is located around the corner from Club 263 near the Ramjis Complex. The opening of Red cafe is most welcome and I strongly believe variety is the spice of life and the more the merrier but I am worried whether Bulawayo will be able to sustain all these businesses and clubs. The BYO crowd are very fickle, picky and iffy at times. You throw an event and expect them to come in their numbers and they don't or you end up attracting the wring crowd ie the loud noisy rowdy type which in turn chases away your target market or the few good patrons who decided to grace your club with their presence.


Red cafe is located in a fairly decent area, there is decent parking and the area is central to town but the area is knows as a red light district area. That is the ladies of the night can be seen plying their trade out in the open and selling their wares and for some patrons such ares are a no go area. For instance lest suppose you have foreign delegates or visitors out of town and you decide to take them to Red cafe some of them may not like what they see. Worse they may get caught up in the crossfire and find themselves being rounded up with the ladies of the night (God Forbid) but I think you get my point.