This past Saturday the 28th of October 2017 saw two major hip hop events held in Bulawayo. The first of which was The Pass Me The Mic Tour held at BAC (Bulawayo Athletics Club) and The Zimbabwe Hip Hop Awards Pre-launch party that was geld at a popular niteclub,Club Connect. 
The Pass Me The Mic Tour which was scheduled to kick off at in around 19.00 had a few delays due to a few technical issues. However when it did start it saw some very good local acts, such Tasha G, Mc Troy, Billail to mention a few. With some stand out performances from........who did a superb performance in in full theatrical gear. Another  super act was Metro Urban Sophisticated Entertainer more affectionately know as, M.U.S.E.
The current number one on the Skyz Metro FMs RapperHolix Lounge hip hop show certainly justified to his fans and critics alike why he has held on to that spot for the last five weeks.
His performance news top notch as he was able to engage the crowd and was his own hype man. Getting the true hip hops heads involved from the onset of his performance. 
He sang the hit singles from his debut album 'The Artist', Envious Freniemies and Birds Eye View. The crowd erupted in excitement they chanted 'Birds Eye View, Birds Eye View!'.
The highlight was when he ended his set and went hard with his current number one 100 BARS. M.U.S.E. ended his set in pure hip hop fashion by dropping the mic and just walking off the stage. 
At the Zim Hip Hop Awards, M.U.S.E. again shocked those in attendance as he actually stopped his back track and finished off his set accapella! 
Being that he was the surprise guest performer of the night, M.U.S.E. had the pleasure of opening the festivities, followed by T1NDA and lastly POY. Both performance show the MuSE has grown both as a performer and rapper and if he continues to work at his craft can definitely take Bulawayo Hip Hop to the next level.