This past weekend further proved that wrong side of power of Social Media when popular South African rapper Emtee was trending on all formats of social media after he allegedly flashed his manhood by mistake on his Instagram Live Story.The Roll Up rapper was in the men's room urinating at the time. 
However, according to TshisaLIVE he has apologised for the video claiming that it was a mistake. He said he didn't intentionally expose himself and it was an honest mistake. Mistake or not the incident has lead to an avalanche of posts,tweets and retweets and memes poking and ridiculing Emtee. With tongue in cheek references of his mega hit song Roll Up and his manhood. Many people have even question his choice of a Live Story as many asked why his camera would be "rolling " while he was relieving himself. This type of reaction from the many social media platforms is now the norm as it now further prove that we live in a glass bowl society where if not personally controlled one can live or die by Social Media.