Saturday the 4th of November 2017 saw the high anticipated listening session of ZimboMusic recording artist Vinnie King aka Ricco at the Public Library. The Vibe as it was dubbed was a gathering of like Hip Hops minds as they converged to listen to Ricco's new offering
Due to a number of technical problems the event didn't start as scheduled but once it did the performances and vibe was electric. Ricco kicked off the show with 'Rudo Rwechokwadi , a super ballad featuring Ashleigh Love
Vinnie went on to perform a number of his hits from his upcoming album. From the sound of it #Thefullpackage will be explosive and definitely one to look out for this summer. Some of the acts that starred the event are Mr High Definition himself,@ T1NDA, Mulla, R.apeezy, K.G, ilduce Dynasty nd Team sidex. The Album has a great names behind its invention, and these include, Ilduce dynasty ( engineering ), Murphy Cubique, Amillion beats and Sosique ( on the beats ), Icon also known as Victor Madzura ( Antivirus ) also helped in producing one of the tracks.. The music is based around God, love and philanthropy. The Album will be hitting the streets soon so be on the lookout for it as the odds stand ready for it to change the game.