Metro Urban Sophisticated Entertainer aka M.U.S.E’s latest offering ‘100 Bars’ is a scintillating tapestry of true Rap/hip hop at its best. Backed by a hard-core instrumental reminiscent of Wu-tang Clan and a dynamic similar to Emcees that brought underground rap to the fore such as Nas and Q-Tip, M.U.S.E delivers a mind-blowing song that will have any die hard rap/hip hop fan bouncing and nodding their heads. ‘100 Bars’ takes you on a lyrical journey back to the 90s when rap ruled and lyrics mattered. When music was about the message and not the image, when it was relevant to the average man on the street. He speaks of the hip hop industry in his beloved town Bulawayo, how disappointing it is that most ‘Hip hoppers’ nowadays seem to just conform and follow one style (trap), their lack of imagination, creativity and originality makes them mere puppets in the game. He speaks of the fake images they portray, their weak ambitions of acquiring ‘groupies’ and how their music is simply irrelevant to our setting. He definitely sets his mark as one of the best Emcees to hail from the City of Kings and arguably Zimbabwe. The lyrical content, tone, dynamic and instrumental all come together like a chart breaking song from the Bronx, New York. This is definitely one for those true to ‘real’ rap/hip hop. M.U.S.E is set to release his second album this year and one can only hold their breath in anticipation. 

Review Score: 8/10