Dancer and professional choreographer-turned-trapster, Vinnie King’s new Single Too Lit (emtee) produced by Amillionbeats is a laid back Trap-hop song, with heavy undertones reminiscent of SA hip hop. Though his message is almost a mirror version of most ‘trapsters’ idea of the grand hustle out there nowadays, he speaks uniquely of his rise from the streets of Mzilikazi to where he is today and reminds his audience that he is on his, ‘emtee’ and he is going to stay true to his ‘emtee’ and that is why he is Too Lit. The instrumental is heavy and mellow and true to trap, giving the song an almost international feel and vibe. Vinnie King delivers a resounding message as to why and how he is Too Lit, reminding ‘haters’ why they hate him, for grinding his way out of the ‘ghetto’ where he grew up and making great strides in amassing a ‘following’ and ladies why they love him. The song is laced with a soulful hook that will have u singing along in no time. It is another great trap song that will have u wanting to get your hustle on and keep on your ‘emtee’. Overall, a great instrumental with a great title and Vinnie King is definitely a trapster to look out for. 

Review Score: 6/10