When Kead WiKead hit me up telling me that he's working on an album and he was going to drop it soon I had mixed feelings. The reason being Kead Wikead is a dope, well renowned and respected club/house/party deejay. 
I've thoroughly enjoyed his mixes and I would recommebd him for any gig. I've seen him grow from strength to strength and I feel skies the limit. I've seen him transcend from a novice to a thorough bred beyond the decks. 
Anyway I degrees let me get back to the album as i was saying say I had mixed feelings because not all great deejays are great producers of music. 
Mixing other people's music and making it sound dope is one thing but making your own music and mixing it and making it sound good is a totally different ball game. So when he hooked me up with the album and sent me the tracks I was excited and of course I couldn't wait to listen to the music and go through it. 
I was worried he may falter in that area alas my fears were laid to rest. The body of work he produced is impeccable. I'm not a big fan of mid tempo/deep house but I can safely say Kead Wikead put his foot through the album. It's borderline dope. I will be honest I must commend that the production in terms of the body of work is brilliant, the mastering is on point. 
The instrumentation, the instrument selection is very good and well thought out. Kead takes you on a musically journey which you will get lost in. I am concerned whether the album will be properly received and appreciated. 
I wonder on a serious level whether we have a huge mid-tempo or a deep house following in the country but that's a topic for another day. Shout out to Kead Wikead, the album is beyond my expectations. I've been bumping it in my car. Ive been bumping it on my way to work.
This album is a reflection of how far we have come with regards to making music and perfecting as well as honing our skills.
The name of the album is "Unnamed Mysteries". It has 5 tracks in total and the stand out tracks for me are "Nyimbo Sisila", which is the first track. As well as "Bones of my father" and "White Hairs". Like i said all in all its a solid album and a huge step in the right direction. 
I give it a solid 7.5 out of 10.