Upon hearing that Muse being the first prime gladiator was going up against NguDoni I felt a tinge of excitement & anticipation. We all love beef and a good helping of it always goes a long way. I'll be honest though I quickly googled Doni to see his track record and seeing that he got a number of technical wins by default plus seeing there are a few weeks he didn't have challenges. I wanted to check out his repertoire sadly his social media game is weak. Not much popped up and I could not help but wonder how he got to be a prime gladiator.                                                                                                                                        

He had a few battles back in the day the most notable being against the Vin but other than that not much else. Even the Byo hip hop community was a buzz especially on Twitter. Especially with regards to the outcome of the battle. There were threads with comments here and there, Mc Tytoh, AWA and a few other artist weighed on the outcome of the battle. As one of the resident judges i had to sit this one out. Conflict of interest what what what.

Anyway with that said here is my judgment officially or unofficially and how I see it. NguDoni being the challenger Thorne dropped his verse first. I heard a few disses here and there nothing too major incriminating or damaging. I felt Doni was all over the place and not coherent or concise. Some of the bars or punchlines I didn't get them and his delivery and flow was a bit off. I felt like he need more time or maybe his verse was rushed and he so badly wanted to deliver that killer blow.

When I heard about the rap battle beef I told Muse do a Drake and he asked nigga don't tell me u want me to sing I said no I want you to do right and kill everything. Make sure Donald never forgets the name as we welcome him to a true house of pain. As usual Muse went in and delivered a solid verse. His word play, his creativity, delivery, flow and rhyme and reason were all on point. Looking at some of his previous battles this was not one his best disses but I felt he lived up to the billing on his end and did not disappoint. On the other hand Doni could’ve done a bit more and done a bit better. His strong point being venac bars but i didn’t hear enough of them. All in all it was not an all-out battle and war. In my eyes muse won coz he did enough. Lets hope the next one is bigger and better. Shout out to both Emcees it is what it is.